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Straight Talk Wireless Facts and Fiction

If you are lucky enough to have a Walmart near you that carries the SIM cards and has them in stock, this would be the fastest way for you to get your hands on one. If you decide to order a SIM from Straight Talk or Walmart’s website, you could have it shipped to your home, or utilize Walmart’s site-to-store function. Unfortunately, this will take at least a few days unless you pay extra for rush delivery.

If you decide to order your SIM card from, there is a chance that you can get it decisively faster if you have a Prime account. Amazon Prime members are able to enjoy two day shipping for free for any item that is part of the Prime network. In fact, shipping can be upgraded to next day for only $4 extra. If you’re searching for a deal try checking out these promo codes for Straight Talk before ordering a plan.


If you decide to use eBay to acquire your SIM card, you may find yourself using the buy it now option to purchase it from a vendor directly, or having to go through the auction process. If you choose the latter, you may be able to get a better deal on your SIM card, but you will have to outbid anyone else who has also expressed interest. Either way, it will depend wildly on the vendor how long it will take to receive your item, although it is usually within a week. One site had a very interesting point of view on the cellular capabilities of Straight Talk, check out this article on and you’ll be able to see the data they have provided.

With the price for Straight Talk SIM cards averaging at about $14.99, the only real expense that you have to consider is whatever it will cost to acquire the phone that you want. If you already have a compatible phone from another network and your contract has expired (or is about to expire), then it will cost you practically nothing to make the switch. Of course, there are plenty of outlets available to purchase new phones, through either online or brick-and-mortar channels. According to consumer affairs they are struggling some. You could even acquire a used phone in order to save some money. Either way, once you get hooked into the Straight Talk service, you will never want to go back to contract service plans ever again.