January 6, 2009
Reinvent Mobile Conducts Milestone “Track the Yack” Audit; Eavesdrops on Thousands of Online User Conversations
CMO Council and Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Lead Mobile Computer Industry Initiative to Co-Innovate and Engage with a Global Community of Technology Users
A new cyber “eavesdropping” program to “Track the Yack” among mobile computer users has analyzed thousands of conversations, comments and opinions in online discussions groups to gain revealing insights into the sentiments and preferences of today’s diverse digital user base worldwide. Read More…
November 11, 2008
Groundbreaking Industry/User Co-Innovation Campaign Launches Around Mobile Computing
It’s Time to Give Millions of Mobile Computer Users More Say in What Technologies and Designs Reach the Market
How can millions of digitally dependent mobile computer users help the PC industry design better, more functional and satisfying products? An ambitious, first-of-its-kind program called Reinvent Mobile aims to facilitate just that by aggregating a vibrant new channel of co-innovation, collaboration and customer engagement. Read More…

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